Back for Business 3 Outcomes

The Back for Business 3 cycle ran from February to June 2020. Thirty-four early stage entrepreneurs completed the programme. Covid-19 negatively affected the majority of businesses in Ireland. It was expected that this would also be the case for the participants on Back for Business 3. In the circumstances that prevailed over the cycle, the outcomes are unexpectedly positive.

  • Six businesses began to trade for the first time during the cycle. Almost two in three participants were trading at the end of the cycle.
  • By the end of the cycle, the combined turnover had increased by almost 50%. This is remarkable in the conditions that prevailed over the cycle.
  • There was no net increase in employment over the cycle.
  • 15 participants made export sales during the six months, including 9 for the first time.

100% would recommend the programme to others and 97% would like to stay in contact with the initiative.