Who are we?

Fitzsimons Consulting specialises in areas related to entrepreneurship and growth. Paula Fitzsimons, founder and managing director of Fitzsimons Consulting, is a recognised expert on entrepreneurship. Paula has been the national coordinator for GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) for Ireland since 2000, a former President of the consortium of GEM national teams, and a former Director of GERA, the governing body for the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association.

Fitzsimons Consulting has been central to the design and development of award winning initiatives, which focused on specific demographic groups to maximise their entrepreneurial potential:  Going for Growth (www.goingforgrowth.com) and Senior Enterprise (www.seniorenterprise.ie). More recently the team has developed ACORNS (www.acorns.ie).

Speaking of her approach to developing this initiative for returning emigrants, Paula Fitzsimons commented: “Back for Business has been designed to draw on the proven successful elements in these other award winning initiatives. Voluntary Lead Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the initiative; role models demonstrate what is possible; and a focus on goals and milestones keep participants on track to achieve their stated ambitions. Participant entrepreneurs support each other to achieve their growth aspirations, to overcome common challenges and to strengthen their networks.”