What is Back for Business?

Back for Business is an initiative to foster and support entrepreneurial activity among returned emigrants or those planning to return to live in Ireland in the near future. The six-month part time development programme is aimed at assisting them to start and develop a business. It addresses the challenges that all early stage entrepreneurs face with a particular focus on the additional barriers and challenges faced by those who have been out of the country for some time.  This can often result in their local knowledge, contact base and professional and personal networks being less developed than those of typical entrepreneurs.  Back for Business aims to bridge this gap.

Back for Business is based on a model of peer support, entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. Volunteer Lead Entrepreneurs will make their time available to facilitate round tables and to share their experience of starting and growing a business. This approach is well proven as being effective in bringing about increased motivation and confidence among entrepreneurs and having a positive impact on their enterprise development.

If you have any questions, please phone us on (+353) 1 8450770 or email us on info@backforbusiness.com.