What is Back for Business?

Back for Business is an initiative to foster and support entrepreneurial activity among returned emigrants or those planning to return to live in Ireland in the near future. The six-month part time development programme is aimed at assisting them to start and develop a business. It addresses the challenges that all early stage entrepreneurs face with a particular focus on the additional barriers and challenges faced by those who have been out of the country for some time.  This can often result in their local knowledge, contact base and professional and personal networks being less developed than those of typical entrepreneurs.  Back for Business aims to bridge this gap.

Back for Business is based on a model of peer support, entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. Volunteer Lead Entrepreneurs will make their time available to facilitate round tables and to share their experience of starting and growing a business. This approach is well proven as being effective in bringing about increased motivation and confidence among entrepreneurs and having a positive impact on their enterprise development.

Back for Business is for returned emigrants who have lived abroad for at least a year and have returned to Ireland in the last three years, or for emigrants currently living abroad who are planning to return to Ireland in the near future. These will be men and women of different ages and experience who have lived in different parts of the world and are returning to Ireland for different reasons.

Their experience of living and working abroad will often bring significant advantages for starting a business, such as having a strong network of international contacts, fluency in foreign languages and greater cultural understanding of foreign markets.

Suitable applicants will be (i) those who have recently started a new business in Ireland, either on their own or with another business partner, or (ii) those who are well advanced in their plans to start a business and have moved well beyond the concept stage,  or (iii) they are becoming/have become entrepreneurs through the acquisition of an existing business. If the business is newly established, it will not have generated sales before the end of October 2016. If acquired, it will not have been acquired before this date.

In respect of the business whether new or acquired, they will be a major shareholder and key decision maker in the venture. Furthermore, they will have the ambition and expectation of becoming an employer of others within three years.  There is no restriction on the sector in which the business is focused.

If you have any questions, please phone us on (+353) 1 8450770 or email us on info@backforbusiness.com.