This innovative initiative is funded through the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme. This programme seeks to facilitate in practical ways those who have returned home to Ireland, having spent some years living abroad, and are setting up a new business. Thanks to the support provided there will be no charge for those selected to participate in the initiative.


Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Welcoming the return of Back for Business, Minister Coveney said: “I welcome the launch of a new round of the Back for Business programme. My Department’s continued funding of this initiative is an important contribution in supporting the entrepreneurial skills of our well-educated and well-connected returning Diaspora. Their experience of working and living internationally, assisted by the Back for Business programme, can bring the benefits of new investment and employment opportunities across Ireland.”


Minister of State for Overseas Development Aid and Diaspora. Minister Brophy also welcomed Back for Business, saying: “I am proud of the achievements of the many start-up businesses which have participated in the Back for Business programme. Returning emigrants bring a wealth of experience and ideas on their return to Ireland, many of which are hugely beneficial to us. The Government is committed to supporting our citizens  who are coming back to Ireland, and I welcome the contribution they can make to our national prosperity. Back for Business has been a great success in developing new businesses throughout Ireland in recent years, supporting start-up enterprises which provide investment and employment across the country. I welcome this opportunity for Irish citizens returning to Ireland to participate in this programme and look forward to their future success.”