Nikki Evans, EML Europe- Advisory Panel

Eager for new experiences, Nikki left Ireland for Australia in the late 1990s. She began working in the burgeoning IT industry in Sydney, before following an exciting opportunity to Auckland. It was a formative time that would prove invaluable in the years to come. In 2001, she decided to move closer to home. Nikki completed her MBA in London Business School and started working as a Strategy Consultant in the banking sector in London, working in the city and consulting for high profile clients such as Visa.

Moving home in 2005, Nikki set about creating a business that would bring together her passions for IT, finance, and employee happiness – so she founded PerfectCard. A fintech company focused on providing employers with payment solutions for rewarding employees and also handling corporate expenses. With a growing client list including Dell, Salesforce, Dublin Bus, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, AWP Health and Life, and 123, global ambitions and a growing team in Dublin and Galway, PerfectCard became part of EML Payments in 2018. EML Payments is an Australia PLC aiming to disrupt the payments sector. Nikki has remained with the business in the role of CEO EML Europe.

Nikki was a participant of Going for Growth in 2009 and is delighted to now share her experience since then with those starting out with building a business.