Christine Winning
Corporate Care
Founder and Managing Director
What we do
Assist corporate clients to relocate their employees to different countries
"Moving abroad gave me the insights for a new business on my return."

Christine (Chris) Winning is a qualified nurse and midwife from Bantry in West Cork. She began her nursing career in Ireland and developed a keen interest in working with the elderly, which eventually resulted in her establishing an innovative Day Care Centre for the Elderly based in the community.This was a very new concept for the Health Board at the time and provided Chris with valuable management and entrepreneurial experience.

By 1995 Chris was married and a mother of three when her husband was asked by his company to relocate to their Chicago office for a 12 month assignment. Chris had an opportunity to live abroad, which she always wanted, albeit as a “trailing spouse”.

While the experience was a great adventure and very positive overall, there were some very significant challenges as well – from packing and travelling at very short notice, to issues with US Immigration, to finding suitable accommodation in a safe neighbourhood,to children settling into school, not to mention the ordinary adjustments needed to get settled and established in a new country.

When the family returned to Ireland in 1997, Chris could see that the growth in employment in Ireland meant that companies were hiring and moving staff from abroad in large numbers. “As a trailing spouse, I knew how difficult it could be moving to a new country and could clearly see there was a need for a good relocation service if I could find the right model to make it a successful business.”

Chris decided early on that the company would focus on corporate clients (B2B) and would focus on ‘Looking after the Personal Needs of People Moving for Business’. Having already identified multinational companies with offices in Ireland, she travelled to their offices in Europe and US where they appreciated the relocation challenges faced by their employees.

In hindsight Chris realised that most of the difficulties she had experienced in the States often stemmed from people in various roles looking at the ‘case’ before them in relation to the relevant relocation policy rather than seeing the ‘person’ before them in a more holistic way. This ‘person’ focus subsequently became a differentiating hallmark of Corporate Care Relocation.

Beginning in 1997 as a sole trader operating solo from home with core services for customers in the Munster area, the business has grown significantly over the years.

Today 90% of Corporate Care customers are based outside of Ireland. For these corporate clients the company provides an extensive range of relocation and immigration services throughout Ireland and,through their extensive network of carefully selected partners, manages the relocation process for as their clients as they expand globally. The company continues to grow and change as it responds to and anticipates the needs and expectations of tomorrow’s customers and clients.

Chris has always seen the value of networking and has been an active member of various organisations within the relocation industry
and in general business circles. “Membership of the European and US based relocation organisations has been very worthwhile in building relationships and seeing the industry trends. Participation in a variety of Irish networks has also been a great source of business contacts, as well as helping me develop the skills I needed to manage a successful and growing company.”

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