Nikki Evans
Founder and CEO
What we do
Prepaid debit cards, reward cards, incentive cards, gift cards, virtual cards, expense cards.
"Working abroad helped me learn so much more than I might have done had I stayed in Ireland. "

Hungry for new experiences, Nikki left Ireland for Australia in the late 1990’s. She began working in the burgeoning IT industry in Sydney, before following an exciting opportunity to Auckland. It was a formative time that would prove invaluable in the years to come: “The time I spent working in Australia and New Zealand is very important, maybe more important than I realised at the time, as I was having so much fun! What has stayed with me is how much emphasis there was on employee happiness and what benefit that had to the bottom line. It made a big impact in the way I run my business today, and even the products we offer.”

In 2001, she decided to move closer to home. Nikki completed her MBA in London Business School, and started working as a Strategy Consultant in the banking sector in London, working in the city and consulting for high profile clients such as Visa. “It was my first foray into the financial sector and I found it fascinating. I had always wanted to set up my own business and it was through working in banking that I saw exactly what I wanted to do. I knew pre-paid debit cards were coming to Europe and I wanted to be one of the first to bring them here.”

Moving home in 2005, Nikki set about creating a business that would bring together her passions for IT, finance and employee happiness – so she founded PerfectCard.“Working abroad helped me learn so much more than I might have done had I stayed in Ireland. I was so happy to be able to bring fresh ideas home, and contribute to a progressive Irish business community.”

The initial product at PerfectCard was a new solution for shopping centre cards, using pre-pad debit cards to eliminate the need for costly software installations at checkout. The retail gift card caught on quickly and PerfectCard won clients like Dundrum Town Centre, Blanchardstown Centre and Swords Shopping Centre. But the potential and scalability of the business was always obvious to Nikki. “After the success of our shopping centre cards, we were quick to refocus our strategy on the corporate market. It gave us the opportunity to positively affect the workforce on a much larger scale as well as grow our business.”

PerfectIncenitve, a new type of pre-paid debit card product, uses PerfectCard technology to bring the next generation of employee rewards and incentives to businesses all over Ireland, and beyond.

“Our mission is to help businesses create a happier workforce. We want to use our technology to offer business a way to reward employees that actually makes them happy. Our research confirms what we already knew anecdotally, a pre-paid debit card is a better reward that a voucher or store card.”

Being named Women Mean Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 was just the start of a tremendous period of growth for Nikki and PerfectCard “The last seven years have been phenomenal. Our client list has exploded – as has our team! We now have offices in Wicklow and Galway and are able to scale the business as we want. Most importantly we are also able to lead by example, promoting a happy healthy workplace to retain, value and care for our staff. This is definitely one of the reasons for our success, and we believe it gives us a competitive advantage.”

With a growing client list including Dell, Salesforce, Dublin Bus, Allergan Pharmaceuticals and AWP Health and Life, and 123; global ambitions and a growing team, Nikki now has her sights set on launching the business in new markets. “There’s no reason that a medium sized Irish business can’t be a big success worldwide. We’ve seen others do it before us and we are confident that with the right planning and the passion of our happy team we can achieve our goals.”

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