Back for Business 2 Testimonials

Back for Business is a very welcoming and positive experience for anyone returning to Ireland with a new business idea in mind -whether early stage or more developed. It helps establish networks, gain information and insights from skilled business leaders and peers, and develops confidence and resilience to face the challenges ahead.

-Aileen Markey, Unglu-d

Like a few others coming from a pro-sport background on the programme, we were confident in our abilities and our skills but really doubted our business acumen. Back for Business gave me huge confidence and new ideas on how to approach things by sharing and being part of a group with similar backgrounds.

Brian Fitzpatrick, BF Sports Analytics

Back for Business is a fantastic initiative to support returned Irish emigrants and help them develop their business concept.

Ciara McGuane, Rahoo


A great programme for anyone starting in business or those that have been up and running for a couple of years. Feedback from other participants and the Lead Entrepreneur was invaluable.

Ciaran Bruen, SoyGood

Back for Business is an invaluable “safe space” in which to develop and grow your business. Returning to Ireland one is bursting with international experience and ideas. Back for Business offers support, networking and a space to believe – for it is the “crazy ones” who believe that they can change the world. With support they will!

Colette Van Jaarsveld, Arcology International

Taking part in Back for Business was the best thing I have done for myself and my business. It is lonely setting up a business and even more difficult after living abroad. The programme gave me confidence in my business and an amazing support network.

Danielle Mahoney,

Back for Business has been a hugely positive experience for me. It has offered me endless support, encouragement and motivation to develop my business whilst also ensuring I remain focused and responsible by staying accountable with regular round table meetings.

Deirdre Hogan, Deirdre Hogan Music Therapy

Back for Business is tremendously helpful for both professional and personal growth. The course helps define one’s goals, business offering and strategy. The shared journey solidifies areas for focus and development leading to clarity and confidence.

Eoghan McMahon, Beyond Scent

I found the Back for Business initiative to be a great support. It helped greatly with focusing on challenges.

Eoin McGloughlin, Memfies

Back for Business has been instrumental with the progress of my business. The programme provided me with a toolkit and direct access to a wide range of resources. It cut out the significant amount of time it would have taken to access these which was critical at such an early stage. However, it was the structure of the programme, coupled with the energy from peers and business leaders that helped me navigate through the process and helped to shape the end result. The programme challenged me to scrutinize my business from a number of different perspectives and it confronted me to prioritise actions to maximise success. It did that in a safe and friendly environment that allowed me to build confidence to develop my business with the knowledge there was a network of support always available.

-Feargal McKenna, MYGO Events & Entertainment

Having returned home from 16 years abroad, I had a lot to learn about how business is conducted in Ireland, what supports are available to start-ups and I had to establish a network again. Setting up a business is a lonely undertaking and I was looking for support of peers in the same situation. Six months later, Back to Business not only provided support in terms of information on available resources to start-ups, an expert Lead Entrepreneur and peers but also friends, clients and a valuable network of people from many and varied sectors. The programme was excellently organised and run, the Lead Entrepreneurs are Ireland’s finest, business-savvy professionals who have experienced the full lifespan of owning and running a business. I highly recommend the experience.

 –Ita Kelleher, Anseo Consulting

 The excitement of moving home can be dampened by a sea of paperwork, mortgage difficulties, and loss of old contacts. Back for Business is an invaluable resource to bring back that excitement and enthusiasm, by believing in Ireland’s Diaspora and their potential to have a positive impact on our economy.

Jennifer Sheahan, Science in Action

Back for Business is a wonderful programme for anyone that is returning home with a business idea. It is run extremely professionally, and you take away so many practical tips and advice that can be implemented within your business.

Kayleigh Breen, The Wedding Wizard

The Back for Business programme helped my transition from working abroad in an elite sport to returning home and setting up business on the west coast of Ireland. The peer support from other entrepreneurs and guidance from our Lead Entrepreneur has been invaluable. I’d recommend the programme to any returning entrepreneur.

Kevin Finn, KF Physio

The support and guidance that the Back for Business network provided was invaluable to my business. We generated our first revenues from local and international clients. I would definitely advise any returning emigrant to get involved with Back for Business.

Kevin Gallivan, Co-Digi

Back for Business helped to connect me with other people in similar situations and share our experiences.

Martin McCormick, Martin McCormick Design

Back for Business has been an amazing experience. It has helped me develop my skills and network, equipping me with the help needed to execute my project. I would recommend Back for Business to any returning entrepreneur.

Nicholas Ryan, Thomond Gate Whiskey

Back for Business has been a great experience. It is a programme that should continue, and Ireland will benefit greatly from its success.

Nils Rehmann, CaReh Biologics

I found participation in the Back for Business programme very valuable for the initial stages of my business start-up. The network of like-minded people facing the same challenges as they return to Ireland has provided a community which we can turn to time and again for support and encouragement as we proceed with our individual endeavours.

Nuala Dalton, Vintica

A great opportunity to build your network in Ireland and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. A good investment of time and effort and one that I’m sure will continue to be of benefit to me and others into the future.

Padraig Neary, Plasticity

A hugely beneficial experience. It helped bring focus, expertise and a sense that I am not the only one on the entrepreneurial journey. I learned a huge amount.

Seán Buckley, STR Capital Partners

Starting a business is scary, especially when you have lived abroad for a number of years. This programme provides support, guidance and counsel. The workshops are a terrific asset and the roundtables allow you to drill into your business strategy.

– Shane Bourke, Irish Office Space

Back for Business is an extremely valuable programme for any young or start-up business. The clarity I gained was instrumental for my next steps. The programme provides its participants with guidance and support throughout the time of the venture. Setting up a business is a truly daunting yet rewarding experience and Back for Business helps it become less daunting and more rewarding.

Shayne Murphy, SDM Performance

It’s an exciting time to be back in Ireland and I was delighted to have been part of the Back for Business cohort. It’s an extremely useful initiative for all returning emigrants.

Teresa Roche, Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese