Back for Business 3 Testimonials

I found Back for Business a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and get feedback on growing my business. The programme is delivered by industry leaders which gives it significant value and legitimacy. Paula and her team ensure the programme is run efficiently and, even with the considerable disruption of Covid 19 at the beginning of our cycle, were able to seamlessly pivot the sessions online.

-Barry Prost, Yala

 Back for Business was a great experience and one that I found extremely worthwhile. Learning from those in similar stages of starting a business in addition to those who are already established provides motivation and encouragement that all challenges can be overcome. The network created is one I hope to maintain and develop. Overall, attending and participating in Back for Business was a great experience and one I would thoroughly encourage.

-Carl O’Connell, Driftwood Surf Café

 Back for Business helped me to grow my business by 40% over 4 months and helped me start another totally new business that I had not planned to open and that business actually out performed my core business during the Covid-19 Pandemic when the country was in lockdown. If you are returning home and want to develop a new business and meet business leaders who have got your back and are resilient, agile and creative then Back for Business is the programme for you. I loved it and made some great friends in business.

-Colm Hannon, The Rugby Business Network

 Back for business brings together a peer group of returning Irish emigrants embarking on individual journeys that share a common entrepreneurial aspiration. The collaborative spirit of the programme delivered via a regular series of round tables provides group accountability, a confidential platform to discuss overcoming setbacks, and a network to break down the sense of isolation for entrepreneurs returning home.

-Colm Mitchell

 I have the utmost respect for the Back for Business programme. I really enjoyed my time with the group, learning and pushing each other each step of the way. Couldn’t have asked for more.

-Gavin Duffy, Trigr

 I attended the Back for Business 3 programme in 2020.  Having previously had a business based in Berlin since 2008, I decided to set up in Dublin in 2019.     The programme is a wonderful ‘Welcome home’ for business.  It has provided invaluable information and assistance in helping to re-establish   my business in Ireland.  The roundtable sessions provide hugely useful local information, help in setting clear business aims, attain realistic goals, and very positively gain from shared group experiences.  The online sessions also proved very consoling and supportive during this unanticipated and unusual lockdown year of Covid19.  Based on information and advice received on the programme,   I gained a strong advantage in being clearly able to pivot my business focus and confidently take it forward, which I believe will lead to a much more beneficial model  for the future. I am hugely grateful for that.    Overall an invaluable programme for any Irish person returning to do business in Ireland.  A uniquely productive and very enjoyable experience.  I am very appreciative of the solid good experience and I highly recommend it.

-Jody Gannon, The Big B Animation Company

 Back for Business completely changed the way I worked and how I thought about my business. The support I received was invaluable and having a network of entrepreneurs really did fuel me to carry on and succeed.

-Joseph O’Neill, Eternum (N.I) Ltd.

 The Back for Business programme has been invaluable in supporting me to set up my business. The positive support, encouragement and practical knowledge I received pushed me to focus and stay on track. It gave me an immediate network of like-minded people and allowed me access to successful, progressive business leaders.

-Lisa Ronan, Cru Create

 Back for Business was a fantastic programme to be involved with. It was obvious that a huge amount of organisation went into putting the programme together, from the selection of the Lead Entrepreneurs to the round table topics. It helped me really think about where I want to develop my business and having the opinions of the participants feeding into my thought process was so valuable. I feel I have a clear vision for how I want to develop the business now which is very different to my plan going into the programme. Thanks to Brian, Paula, Orla and Clodagh and all the Back For Business team for all your hard work and dedication. Thanks also to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for supporting Back for Business, which is an invaluable programme for people moving back to Ireland and setting up a business.

-Marian Murphy, Flourish with Social Media

 To have been so warmly welcomed back home, to have successful, experienced professionals taking time and a personal interest in helping us fulfil our ambitions and to know that people were rooting for us…it’s a great feeling to be part of the collective ‘good’. Makes me feel proud, and very fortunate.

-Michael Roulston, Poet Beer Company

 I attended the Back for Business programme in Spring 2020. The programme occurred during the Covid pandemic and our Lead Entrepreneur proved a great source of guidance in this very difficult period. We were lucky to have their advice and guidance during this period.   I highly recommend this programme to returning emigrants to meet other like-minded businesspeople.

-Michelle Lawlor, The Nude Wine Company

 Back for Business has been a great help and support in terms of communication with like- minded business owners who can offer help and support in all areas of starting a business.

-Miriam Cuddihy, Miriam Cuddihy Coaching

 I would highly recommend the Back for Business programme. It has provided me with the knowledge base to get my business started, and the tools to seek out further assistance and guidance along the road. The input from the Lead Entrepreneurs is invaluable and given freely on a voluntary basis. I am ever so thankful for my place on the programme and to all involved in its delivery, it really is a must for all returning entrepreneurs, and a truly sincere, Welcome Home!

-Paul Kiely, The Wallpaper King

 Starting a business in Ireland after years abroad can be disorienting.  Ireland’s changed; you’ve changed.  Back for Business helped bring things into focus – for me, for our business and our customers.

-Ralph Benson, Moneycube

 When I applied for Back for Business, I thought I had an idea of what was going to be involved. Our business was already trading and doing well so being honest, I thought it would be great for networking but didn’t realise the importance of the mentorship and guidance you receive. This programme has been invaluable to us as a business and we would not have come successfully out of Covid 19 had it not been for this programme. Our Lead Entrepreneur’s support, guidance and advice was incredibly important and helped to completely turn around our business after an initial negative impact due to Covid 19. I’d recommend this programme to anyone. No matter how well you think you are doing, this programme has made me realise you can always do things better and smarter and sometimes you need the help and support of peers, and others who have been through it, to see this.

-Sarah O’Donnell, Little & Large

 The Back for Business programme brings together a group of individuals who have moved back to Ireland after having lived and worked abroad for varying lengths of time with a broad range of experiences. The programme offers a heart-warming and meaningful ‘welcome home’ and a support community that understands the challenges of such a major transition. Through a series of roundtables with a Lead Entrepreneur, as well as focused sessions on a particular theme of interest the programme offers support to start, build and grow a business in Ireland, with an interesting and diverse range of start-ups in the group. Back for Business helped me to validate my business model, narrow the niche, identify and profile the client base and create a solid plan for growth.

-Siobhan Cahalan, Siobhan Cahalan Executive Coaching

 Back for Business is a fantastic programme because it connects you with like-minded entrepreneurs, who are focused on getting their new business off the ground. These entrepreneurs are also returned emigrants who understand how difficult it can be to develop and grow your network after an extended period away from Ireland. The programme typifies the Irish welcome you receive when you come home and start a business – the Lead Entrepreneurs are experienced and highly supportive, and the programme is designed to help you achieve your goals. It also offers the chance to develop your business management skills by facilitating practical workshops on Tax, Finance and HR. Ireland is a great place to live. It is also a great place to do business in. The Back for Business programme helps returning entrepreneurs to hit the ground running when they get back.

-Stephanie Wickham, Expat Taxes

 Back for Business is an exceptional programme that helps start-ups to learn from each other, guided by experienced Lead Entrepreneurs. It is a practical approach that gets results.

-Tom O’Brien, Sprintmodo