Back for Business 4 Testimonials

Everyone on the programme is operating at max bandwidth so the Back for Business teams patience and consistent reminders were genuinely critical to making sure we all got the most out of the programme. My Lead Entrepreneur really helped me focus on my vision for the business, which enabled me to fine-tune my strategy.

-Alva Horgan, LoanGuru Business Finance


I would highly recommend the Back for Business programme for anyone that is eligible and wants to get their business off the ground. The roundtable sessions were very valuable and helped me get clear on my goals for the business. Also the feedback I got from the Lead Entrepreneur and the other group members was brilliant as it allowed me to see blind spots that I couldn’t recognise because I was so immersed in the business.  I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this programme and it has definitely given me more clarity and direction with the future of my business.

-Cormac Noonan, Wolf Academy


Back for Business accelerated our business idea into a fully-fledged start-up. It provided us with the tools to consider many aspects of business such as finance, marketing, strategy, HR etc. It also provided many networking opportunities and a safe space to explore challenges and solutions.

-Fergus J Walsh, Mellow’s Meadow


Back for Business provided an incredibly valuable structure, information, accountability, and networking opportunities that we really needed to ensure the long term success of our business strategy.  I’m so grateful to the whole team at Back for Business for everything they do.

-Gareth Cash, Crew Brewing


Back for Business has been a virtual community for me over the past 6 months which I’ve valued, and I recommend any repatriate who is considering entrepreneurship to apply for the programme – you won’t regret it!

-James Alexander, TRIVE


Participation in Back for Business is essential for anyone who has recently returned (or is looking to return) to Ireland and start a business. It is a superb opportunity to gain insights for your business from industry experts as well as inspiration and motivation from like-minded entrepreneurs.

-Martin Kilmartin, Sionnach Buí


I can’t recommend Back for Business enough, the training and support received over the last six months has been a game changer for my business. It is amazing what can be achieved in such a short space of time with the right network of people around you to support and guide you.

-Patrice Butler, Fifo Capital


I found the Back for Business programme a really valuable way of extending your professional network and also a good opportunity to test some assumptions you have about your business strategy. I would highly recommend this programme for anyone returning back to Ireland.

-Ronan Healy, How Might We