Back for Business 6 Testimonials

Very pleased to have participated in Back for Business 6. The topics covered were varied, interesting and relevant, and it was good to have the opportunity to interact with others from the diaspora and to learn about their business concepts.

-Barbara Morrow, Ngomso Research, Writing and Editing Service cc


When I found Back for Business, I thought it was more for ‘real’ businesses. They helped me very quickly to realise mine is a very real business with growth potential and provided all the helpful steps to guide me along the way.  There is a lot to learn when you set up a business and the structure and layout meant that within 6 months I had covered what I needed to know.  Highly recommended also as the best networking experience I have ever had (and I thought I was good at this!)-if Paula and the Back for Business family can do anything to help, they will.

Caroline Checkley-Scott, Danu Heritage


I am grateful to have been able to take part in Back for Business. Like many entrepreneurs, I am highly skilled in a very particular area. Being part of the programme enabled me to learn different aspects of running a business as well as encouraging me to think bigger with my goals. Being part of a group of other returned emigrants is valuable in that we are all facing similar struggles having been away for many years. I highly recommend it to anyone returning or returned with a business idea.

-Carolyn O’Sullivan, Not Another White Dress


Being chosen for the Back for Business programme really opened my eyes in my journey to bring my business to the Irish market. The programme was extremely well run, and the Lead Entrepreneurs were incredibly well qualified to help any type of business returning to Ireland. I would recommend the programme to any business contemplating a return to Ireland and can’t thank Paula and her team for organizing this wonderful initiative.

-Chris O’Neill, Tizona Web Agency Milano


I can confidently say that Back for Business has been an absolute game-changer for my journey. Having returned to Ireland, I faced unique challenges, especially with limited local connections. But this programme proved to be the missing link I needed. Back for Business is unlike any other initiative out there. It’s a six-month part-time development programme designed to support returned emigrants like myself in starting and growing their businesses. The focus on addressing the specific barriers we face, along with peer support from seasoned entrepreneurs was a breath of fresh air. My Lead Entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with. Her experiences as a serial entrepreneur and her commitment to supporting founders like me was incredibly inspiring. Under her guidance I’ve gained the motivation and confidence to overcome obstacles and take my business, Duir Design, to the next level. In just six months, Back for Business has given me the tools and support I needed to flourish as an entrepreneur. The connections I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained are invaluable. If you’re a returned emigrant or planning to be and you have a burning entrepreneurial spirit, I can’t recommend this programme enough. It’s more than just a programme; it’s a life-changing experience that sets you up for success.

-Darragh Collopy, Duir Deisgn


A really great programme. The team involved were pivotal in helping me make the decision to relocate back to Ireland. It was a pleasure working with everyone and they gave me a real insight into doing business again in Ireland, having been abroad for many years. I am delighted to have made the decision to come back home and can only thank everyone in Back for Business for giving me the courage to make the decision.

-Derek Lynch, Insight 4 Ltd.


Back for Business has been instrumental in building strong foundations for my business. From the deep dive work to the round tables, my idea became so much clearer and my strategy so much more intentional. I could not recommend the programme more!

-Eainne McDonald, Studio Stratos


Back for Business gave me confidence for the re-start I needed in a post-Covid era, providing a helpful, well-structured roadmap, provoking some tough self-questioning and helping clarify some key actions for my business future, which are now being implemented.

-Gerry Dawson, Sport Education Partners


I thoroughly enjoyed the Back for Business programme.  I met some very interesting people and have made connections that I will carry through.  I would highly recommend it.

-Judith O’Leary, Represent


Back for Business has been a transformative experience which enriched my understanding of business and gave me the toolkit to success. It provided me with a bespoke counsel and allowed me to have a clear road map towards achieving my goals. This initiative made it possible for me to conceive transitioning my business back to Ireland.

Kerem Asfuroglu, Dark Source


My experience with Back for Business has been unforgettable. After arriving home from many years in Spain, I got a bit of a culture shock as I had been out of the Irish loop for so long. The Back for Business programme enabled me to evolve with my peers and re-engage my network at home, as well as opening new doors and opportunities. I have not only made contacts from the programme, but also connected with people I now consider friends and with whom I hope to collaborate well into the future.  Our Lead Entrepreneur was an incredible, empathetic, constructive leader of our roundtables and I cannot thank her enough for dedicating her time to us. Paula always brought ideas and new possibilities to every conversation I had with her, and I thank her for her design of the programme.

-Laura McDermott, Colectivo


Back for Business allowed me the time and structure I needed away from the day to day to focus on the bigger picture of growing my business in the right direction.

-Liam Rabbitt, CuinnTech 


Back for Business provided my business with the edge I needed to get my new company up and running quickly and efficiently. The roundtable discussions refocused me each month and all my concerns were addressed, discussed and resolved. I’d highly recommend Back for Business to any entrepreneur hoping to set up business in Ireland.

Maurice Deevy, Edison Recruitment 


Back for Business was a great programme that gave me a lot of support in starting my business in Ireland. I hadn’t much experience in running a business in Ireland and it was great to have a Lead Entrepreneur and network to support me.

-Paul Kilroy, Kilroy’s Wellness


Back for Business is an excellent programme that provides invaluable support, advice and a test bed to progress your business to the next stage. As an entrepreneur, you are given an opportunity to pitch, and stress test your products to a diverse, supportive and insightful group on a monthly basis which gives your start up an edge going to market. The Lead Entrepreneur was excellent, and it is such a unique and privileged opportunity to get so much time with them.

-Ronan Purcell, Fort Energy


I would highly recommend the Back for Business programme. I found the groups to be very helpful in terms of breaking the isolation that many entrepreneurs feel. It was great to realise that other entrepreneurs had similar struggles and growing pains. We were able to support each other with this process.

-Shane Smyth, Spacious Mind Counselling


Back for Business is a highly beneficial programme that I found supported me through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, particularly in the first year of business with so many ups and downs! It is a fantastic programme that I felt privileged to have got the opportunity to participate in. If anyone gets the opportunity – Snap it up quick!

-Shemaine Doyle, Brave