Back for Business 5 Testimonials

This programme has been invaluable to me. It makes such a daunting journey all the easier, from networking to experienced advice, I can’t recommend the experience enough.

-Andrew Scannell, Clinks


It has been an amazing experience taking part in Back for Business. I have built up a network of fellow entrepreneurs, both experienced and newbies like myself. It has given me a better understanding of business in Ireland and whilst I don’t have all the answers, I definitely have a better idea of where to go to seek help and advice. It has been such a positive experience and I would really recommend it to other returning expats who have returned home to Ireland with a dream. Thank you to Paula and all the team at Back for Business for all the help and support the programme offers.

-Anna O’Grady, Dogwood Designs


Back for Business was a great opportunity for a newly returned emigrant with an existing fledging business. It introduced me to a great group of people with fresh ideas and perspectives. Having honest and open round table discussions provided a platform to share nerves and reservations about business decisions. Honest feedback was needed and supplied! Back for Business was an extremely well organised enterprise. After every session, I felt more focused on the business with clearer goals.

-Aoife Curran, Connect Therapy Services Ireland


The Back for Business programme is a great way of getting your business started, when coming home to Ireland. The initiative is focused on start-ups, or for people that want to launch a business in Ireland. The programme is very informative and the group sessions with likeminded entrepreneurs are a great networking opportunity. I would recommend Back for Business to any returning entrepreneur to give their new Irish business the best possible kickstart when returning home.

-Benjamin May, iAccess Corporation


Back for Business lifts the technical fog on issues like finance, government supports and thresholds, but perhaps more importantly it gives you a community of like-minded peers, your very first board. And coming home from abroad, we ex-expats probably appreciate even more how vital a support network is here in Ireland.

-Carole McGuinness, Child’s Play ABA


The Back for Business initiative was really great for meeting people in similar positions and made me not feel alone in the journey I was on. The advice given from my Lead Entrepreneur was very helpful and helped me think bigger in relation to my business.

-Ciara Palmer, Silly Hounds Dog Training


Back for Business is an essential first step for those returning to Ireland with an idea for starting a new business. It is a stepping-stone back into the Irish business world, helping to bring your vision into focus by expanding your network and helping you realise you are not alone in your entrepreneurial journey. Paula and her team are exceptional at connecting people and at getting to the route of the obstacles we face as returning emigrants. It has been a challenging and extremely rewarding experience; one I would highly recommend.

-Ciara Petty, Ciara Petty Deisgn


Back for Business has been an essential part of our relocation and start-up in Ireland.  The Lead Entrepreneur and group offered a safe space and instant support network exactly when we needed.   The sessions were structured in just the right way to offer guidance on the journey to starting a business in Ireland.  We were able to share ideas and knowledge, resolve issues and challenges which we had encountered and to learn and grow as returning entrepreneurs.  I can’t say enough how valuable it has been and how lucky I feel to have been a part of the group, who I will definitely keep in touch with going forward.  I now feel part of something much bigger, a growing community of likeminded individuals and businesspeople who share a common experience and goal.

-Daniel Moylan, Overland Protection Systems


Back for Business has been fantastic. I applied for the programme to help commit fully to my business and where I wanted it to go. Seamus, our Lead Entrepreneur, was excellent. He challenged me to think bigger and always gave great advice on how to get there. I was delighted with the high calibre of people in my group. It was great sharing my experiences with others, who were going through similar situations, and being able to get their input into my decisions. The support workshops and talks provided by the programme were very helpful. I would like to thank Paula for her vision in developing Back for Business, Orla and Clodagh for all their hard work organising, and the DFA for supporting business people returning to Ireland. I would recommend Back for Business to anyone.

-David Cosgrave, Exam Performance Institute


I must say that I love the programme and how it is set up in such a logical manner to get us entrepreneurs discussing and addressing the relevant questions applicable to our businesses. The various workshops were so helpful too and really well run. I could not recommend this programme enough.

-Declan Treanor, Performance Treanor


An excellent opportunity for people to gain experience, leadership, and information to start a new business.

-Dwayne Keenan, Kelltech Doors


Back for Business was an invaluable opportunity to rebuild my Irish network after returning home from London.  The programme was also a fantastic framework, consisting of check-ins and information downloads, that helped me to keep the build of my consultancy business on track over the 6 months.  I’ve already seen the upside of decisions implemented as a result of advice and discussions had at the sessions.

-Emily Horgan, Emily Horgan Media


Back for Business has been an incredible experience that has been so helpful to me in building my business in Ireland after returning from abroad. I’d recommend it to anyone in the same position and I feel lucky that I could take part.

-Enda Gallery, Welcome to the New World


After arriving back from New York, I set up my business Gabrielle Malone and began selling my hand knits online. During the course of Back for Business, I expanded my range and hired three freelance knitters to help with the demand of my products. I am now in a permanent retail space and have learnt an immense amount about the operating a business with Back for Business.

-Gabrielle Malone, Gabrielle Malone


The Back for Business initiative has allowed me to become excited once again about my business and what it can achieve. Meeting fellow entrepreneurs, from across the country, who have returned from all over the world to various circumstances but with an ambition, is inspiring and motivating. The access to confidential advice, support and mentorship is all for the taking and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity.

-Grace Quinn, Mama’s Hospital Bag


I found the Back for Business programme really beneficial in terms of focussing my attention on what I needed to do to get my business off the ground in Ireland. Our Lead Entrepreneur was excellent in terms of sharing her insights and knowledge, and it was great to be part of a group that were going through similar challenges to me.  This is a great initiative to support ex-pats returning to Ireland and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of applying.

Kevin Clancy, Wellbeing Outfit


I would recommend the Back for Business programme to anyone looking for guidance, support, validation, and a professional network of people who have walked in your shoes and can point out all the potholes, pitfalls and worthwhile routes. You’ll not only make strides in realising your business vision, but you’ll also find your tribe.

-Kim Whyte, Figgydoo Limited


The Back for Business programme was a fantastic experience for a young entrepreneur like myself who had recently stepped off the plane from Australia without any real idea of what Ireland had to offer in terms of supporting me. I was able to meet experienced mentors whom I could call for advice, and other entrepreneurs who were trying to make their way also. A group of lovely people who had brains and skillsets that complimented each other. The topics were helpful and informative, and it is great to see the Government supporting these businesses.

-Patrick Gillespie, P&V Importing


Throughout the 6 month Back for Business programme and multiple roundtable discussions led by Lead Entrepreneur, Paul Duggan, I had the opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs and share ideas and inspiration, all which has led to sharpening the approach to my business and gaining a better understanding of the business landscape here in Ireland. My small Mayo start-up has gone on to work with clients such as Meta and Microsoft and we have big plans and a sharpened focus for the second half of 2022 and beyond. I could not recommend this programme enough. Having a community led by the powerhouse that is Paula Fitzsimons in my corner and the invaluable support of my Lead Entrepreneur, Paul Duggan, has given me so much comfort and confidence in growing my business here in Ireland and expanding globally. My mindset and ambitions have expanded exponentially due to Back for Business and I am eternally grateful to be part of this tribe.

-Rachel Forbes, House of EQ