Back for Business Further Development Testimonials

Back for Business 2 and Back for Business Further Development were a great help to me and my business. It is difficult returning home after being abroad for a period of time and getting in a group surrounded by ambitious individuals and great entrepreneurial experience of the Leads was hugely beneficial to both me personally and for my business. It is a superbly run programme and I highly recommend it.

-Brian Fitzpatrick, BF Sports Analysis

As a small business owner, I have found the Back for Business programme invaluable. From forcing you to take the time to focus on your business rather than in your business, it gives you a greater understanding of what the main drivers are for growth and success. The round table sessions allow for peer learning as well as expert guidance from someone who has been through all the highs and lows of running a successful business. I love the fact that the monthly meetings give a sense of accountability and responsibility to turn up and deliver on your promises. Overall, I have learned so much from Back for Business and love being part of the wider community.

-Ciara Petty, Ciara Petty Design Studio


Back for Business is a wonderful programme of peer support, mentoring and networking, and will greatly benefit an ambitious entrepreneur returning from overseas. Highly recommended.

-Enda Gallery, Welcome to the New World


Back for Business is a really beneficial programme for any entrepreneurs returning home with a business idea. It is not just a programme where you will theoretically plan what you could do as many others are, this a programme that gives you real practical insights that you put in place in your business plan that will have an impact. Paula and her team have been doing this for a long time and really know what they are doing. The network of Back for Business is absolutely invaluable!

-Kayleigh Breen, The Wedding Wizard


The Back for Business programme provides access to expert mentors, practical workshops and a supportive network of peers throughout the cycle and beyond. It has been invaluable for my business since returning home and I’m grateful to Paula and the team for all the work behind the scenes to make this possible. I highly recommend Back for Business and strongly encourage recently returned entrepreneurs to apply.

-Kevin Finn, Kevin Finn Physio


The Back for Business programme has been a massive help to my business. This programme cultivates an environment that allows returning entrepreneurs to have access to the right network which allows them to perform at their best. Returning home from abroad can be just as hard as moving to a new country, you need to build your network and your reputation in your sector. Being part of Back for Business has helped me focus on my key business goals, the factors that ensure success. Paula and her team are amazing, and the Lead Entrepreneurs have so much knowledge that they are more than happy to share with you. My Lead Entrepreneur really went beyond the call of duty and was very generous with his time. I would recommend any budding entrepreneur itching to return home, nervous of taking that leap, to apply for the Back for Business programme, it will make a world of difference to your business.

-Nicholas Ryan, Limerick Spirits Company


Back for Business has been a true lifeline to me and my business these past few years. I participated first in 2020, just as Covid hit and it helped my business navigate through extremely difficult times and helped me to come out well the other side. Then again in 2021, it helped me to grow and gain more experience and expertise. I then completed the Further Development programme in 2023, where I was very fortunate to “click” with my Lead Entrepreneur who really got me as a person. He helped me to overcome huge barriers and to learn a lot about myself and my business, to take things in the space of 6 months to an amazing place that far surpassed my hopes and goals. I would recommend this to anyone who could do with some accountability, perspective, and guidance on their business as I found it invaluable for me both personally and professionally.

-Sarah O’Donnell. Little & Large


I highly endorse Back for Business as an exceptional resource that goes beyond being a mere programme. It is a catalyst for transformation driven by the power of people and connections. This initiative has brought immense benefits to both my company and me personally, positioning it as a commendable endeavour led by Paula and her exceptional team. What truly distinguishes Back for Business is the profound impact it has had on my organization. The programme itself is meticulously designed, offering invaluable insights and strategies. However, what sets it apart is the emphasis placed on fostering genuine relationships and cultivating a supportive community. I cannot stress enough the lasting influence Back for Business has had on my company. The value of forging meaningful connections and learning from others in the programme cannot be overstated. If you seek an engaging and transformative experience that will propel your business to new heights, I wholeheartedly recommend embracing Back for Business. It is a game-changer that has left an indelible mark on me and my organization.

-Shayne Murphy, SDM Performance


Back for Business continues to be a constant source of support for our business since we started. Networking, learning, and meeting entrepreneurs with shared experiences and ambitions are at the core of the programme. Providing an outlet, a forum and a base for returning emigrants to grow from.

-Tracy Armstrong, KO Kombucha